How to Fix Playstore download Pending problem 2021

fix playstore download pending problem – Sometimes it happens that when we download a new app or game from Google playstore, then there is a download pending error.  Because of which our app is not able to download.  This is not a big problem.  You can fix this in a few minutes.  Let’s know how?  How to fix playstore download pending problem 2021 –

How to fix playstore download pending problem

You can fix the Playstore download problem very easily.  For this, first you try to change your Gmail account.  You people must be using many email ids in one phone, so whatever email id is login in playstore.  Try replacing it with another email.  If it is not downloading even after doing this, then follow these steps –

First of all you open Playstore –

After opening Playstore, you go to Settings by clicking on the option with your profile.

After opening the settings, click on the option with network preference.

After that you will get to see many options. 

  • 1) You should keep the App download preference over any network
  • 2) You can keep Auto updates App on Over any app or over only WiFi

Delete Play store data

You go to the setting of your mobile.
After that you go to the application option.

Then you have to find google playstore there.

After finding Google playstore, you clear its data.

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Friends, if you do all this, then your Playstore download Pending problem will be 100% solved.  Today this error was coming with me also.  I also fixed this problem by using these same settings.  After doing all this, you restart your phone and download any app again, then that app will start downloading.

Conclusion – I hope this information has been very useful for you.  If you got to know something new with the help of this post, then definitely share it with your friends.  I would like to apologize if there is any mistake in this article.  Thank you

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